Yu Design Challenge to won prizes upto 5 lacs Rs


Yu brings a contest for you which is called Yu design Challenge , Earlier Yu asked you to name its new upcoming device YUPHORIA, now Yu is asking to Design Yuphoria.

YuNamedit Now YuMadeit
Now YuMadeit

Yes, their is a great chance for you to win upto 5 lacs Rs by taking participate in Yu Design Challenge .

[vision_highlight color=”royal-blue” style=”style-1″]What is Yu Design Challenge[/vision_highlight]

A big callout goes to all the artists, graphic designers, fashion designers, students, photographers, musicians, animators – amateur as well as professionals, to participate in the YU Design Challenge! You share your designs and we’ll do the rest.

Participants can design a full set including icons, controls, status bar, navigation bar, and the wallpaper, or individual elements, including wallpaper, boot animation, or ringtones.

If you have designed full handset then their is chance for you to win upto Rs 1 lacs cash prize and other’s element creators can win upto Rs. 10,000.Contest will close on 10th may, You can apply or know more about Yu Design Challenge from Source link below.



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