WhatsApp Plus get legal Notice by WhatsApp Inc. : WhatsApp Reborn is no more available


WhatsApp Plus or say WhatsApp Reborn team received legal Notice  by WhatsApp Inc. and they told them to drop the development on WhatsApp Plus because its illegal, if they don’t drop the idea then they will take legal actions against them.

You all know that whole story started when Official WhatsApp team started banning the people who uses WhatsApp Plus for 24 hrs then WhatsApp Plus team get legal notice by WhatsApp Inc and then they drop the development on WhatsApp Plus. But Indian Developer Rahil started development on WhatsApp Plus and turned WhatsApp Plus into WhatsApp Reborn.WhatsApp Reborn get so much positive response from the fans of WhatsApp Plus Plus but this appreciation become problem for Official WhatsApp Team, and in a result WhatsApp Reborn Team received legal notice by WhatsApp Inc. to stop their project. The letter was in English so WhatsApp Plus developers get trouble in understanding and they didn’t stop their development.

legal Notice by WhatsApp

So WhatsApp Inc. again send a letter on 23rd March but this time in Hindi and they clearly mentioned that if they don’t stop working on it then will take legal actions against it.

Take a look What OSMDROID Says to WhatsApp :

What was our response?

We replied them to give us one reason (giving our account back) to stop on 25th MARCH .

Normally they don’t reply instantly so we have to wait.

In end we told them to reply before 31st MARCH 11:59 PM IST or NEW UPDATE will be released on 1st APRIL 12:00 AM


And On 31st WhatsApp Inc. Replied to them :

They Replied

They are going to re-enable accounts back if we sign an agreement. As soon as we sign the agreement and get accounts back, all posts and everything related to WhatsApp will be deleted.

It’s been great to have support of you guys . We’ve learned many things and we are heartily grateful to you for that. Sorry some of the serious bugs couldn’t have been solved yet.


These are the clear words by OsmDroid so I don’t think that now they will continue  any type of development on WhatsApp Reborn. But hope soon someone else started working on it.

This is the surety that WhatsApp Plus fans always miss these legends who created WhatsApp a far better App.

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