WhatsApp Calling Servers are Down : Wait Untill it Reopens


[highlight color=”yellow”]EDIT : On March 31, Whatsapp calling servers are up so you can comment below your number to get calling feature.[/highlight]

Last Time I posted about WhatsApp Calling and help many user’s by giving them calling feature, But now again WhatsApp shut down their servers, so the invitation system is not working till server reopens.

WhatsApp Calling Servers are Down

For those who don’t know that What is WhatsApp calling and why people want it so much 😛
WhatsApp Calling is a facility by WhatsApp which provides you VOIP calling means Internet Calling on WhatsApp to WhatsApp, but currently this service is in beta testing so it is not available for everyone.

It only works when you get call from someone who already have WhatsApp Calling service, and reason people want it so much when already calling facility is provided by Viber, Hike, Wechat and many other apps is that WhatsApp is lightest application and so much trustworthy and having millions of users that means everyone uses WhatsApp. Also in WhatsApp calling the UI which we got is so much user-friendly and so much easy while comparing to current UI. you only use it while swiping right or left, which is so much helpful for big size screen.

But As now whatsapp calling servers are down then no invitation system will work. But don’t worry, what you can do now is that wait until WhatsApp reopens their calling server’s.

WhatsApp Calling Servers are Down so how to get WhatsApp Calling UI ?

You can try WhatsApp Plus Latest Version with Call feature 1.80 is available to Download to get WhatsApp calling UI and other nice features which are not available in Official WhatsApp, main feature in this is that its having material Design and WhatsApp calling UI.
Keep in mind that WhatsApp Plus is for advanced user’s means for those who are always in the search for something more, If you are that person then I really recommend that you should try WhatsApp Plus from the above link.

Or you can comment below your Contact number and we will call you after WhatsApp calling server gets open, So you can’t miss again. Also Subscribe to our blog so that you can receive important updates and gets latest news first.

Thak you very much for reading about WhatsApp Calling Servers don’t forget to share this news amongst your friends.
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  1. how do you know if the servers are up? i would like to get my whatsapp activated but I don’t want to leave my number on a public site.

    • You can WhatsApp us on 8560029281 or give your number so we can call you and then you have to pick our call. After that your WhatsApp calling feature gets activated.


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