T-Mobile Stop Selling Sony Xperia Z3 in US


Recently their are so many leaks of Sony Xperia Z4 device which make it trending these days but T-Mobile Stop Selling Sony Xperia Z3 which is currently flagship device by Sony and its no more available in US. As T-Mobile is the only carrier in US which offer Xperia Z3 so far.

T-Mobile Stop Selling Sony Xperia Z3Xperia Z3 is great in specifications but it doesn’t get good response by people all over the world due to maily its price range. Sony don’t able to crack the market recent years in mobile segment which is also the main problem for Sony and now it makes Sony to move towards low priced devices.

This is not yet confirmed that Why T-Mobile Stop Selling Sony Xperia Z3 which is only available for 6 months only, its some kind of strategy for Sony Xperia Z4 or it is hints of Sony and T-Mobile relation are not being friendly now.

So, its depends on them maybe they bring Sony Xperia Z4 with T-Mobile Carrier in USA.

Here What T-Mobile says on Twitter regarding Xperia Z3, take a look :

Xperia Z4 coming with 5.2 inches LED Display, Qualcomm’s 810 Snapdragon Processor, 4GB of Ram, 32/64 GB Internal storage, 20 megapixel rear camera and 5 megapixel front facing Camera.



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