Steps to Change Android Device ID : For Non Rooted & Rooted Devices


If you are using Android Device and wanted to change your Android Device ID then its a pretty simple method and you can done it easily. I will provide you Simple Steps to Change Android Device ID which can help you in various things, we will talk about that later in this post.


Now, First take a look What is android device ID and what is its use ?

What is Android Device ID ?

Android Device ID is a alpha-numeric Identification code associated with your Smartphone.

What is the Use of Android Device ID ?

The main use of Android Device ID is to provide Customer Support in assisting you with certain issues.

Now you know everything about Android Device ID which is not really matters for you, Now the main thing Why you need to Change Android Device ID ?

Why I need to Change Android Device ID ?

Now suppose I use many earning and rewarding apps which reads my android Device ID and on its basis my income is limited. Now Suppose what when your Device ID changed then these apps considered your Device as new one and it helps you to earn more. ( Depends on the application Permissions, but mainly they only reads Unique Android Device ID )

So you got the answer why you need to change Android Device ID, and now we will talk on the main thing – Steps to Change Android Device ID.

How to Change Android Device ID

These are the simple steps to change your Android Device ID, as you know here we are going to provide these Steps for both devices for Rooted and Non Rooted Device.

First we will talk on Non Rooted Device :

Steps to Change Android Device ID – For Non Rooted Device

You are new in this field and don’t want to Root your Android Device but want to Change your Android Device ID then you have to Factory Reset your Device,

  • Go to your Device Settings.
  • Then In Settings Go to Backup and Reset.
  • Here Click on Reset/Factory Data Reset.
  • After Resetting Your Android Device ID will change.

But in this method you will lost all your apps and Data, if you don’t want to loose all this then you can backup first or go for Rooted Method.

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Steps to Change Android Device ID – For Rooted Device

If your Device is Rooted then it is so simple and easiest method to change your Andrid Device ID.


  • After Installing it to your Device, Open Titanium Backup Application.
  • It will ask for Root Permissions > Grant it.
  • Now Click on Menu.


  • Scroll Screen and at Bottom you will find “Manage Android ID” in Your “Device Section”.


  • Now Click on “Manage Android ID” and you will see a popup and their you will see your current Android Device ID and with an option to Create Random Android ID.


  • After Clicking on Create Random Android ID, then it will provide you new Device ID and ask you to confirm and then your device will reboot and you get new Device ID.

If you face any issue and wanted to give feedback then feel free to comment below and we will be happy to help you. Also don’t forget to share this awesome trick amongst your friends.

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