Solution for Android Mobile Hanging Issues


Are you using Android Mobile Phone of any brand and facing lagging, Hanging issues which drives you crazy ? Android-Hanging-problem-estIf Yes !!! then I am going to provide easy and simple steps through which you are gonna prevent your Android Device from Hanging. This is the best Solution for Android Mobile Hanging Issues.

We are going to Discuss here : Why these Android Mobile hanging issues occurs ? What are the methods to prevent your device from lagging ?

Reasons for Android Mobile Hanging Issues

The main and major reason of Mobile hanging is doing Multitasking. Yeah Multitasking is the major reason which suck your Mobile Battery also and slow down your device too.

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Those who are new here and using Android device first time so don’t worry I will going to tell you everything here so you can understand it very well.

What is Multitasking ?

Suppose you are using Facebook application in your Mobile to see what’s going on your Facebook Timeline, Suddenly someone sends you message on Facebook and now it will open in Messenger ApplicaAndroid Mobile Hanging Issuestion, So now two different applications running at a same time.
Now going into more deeper one of your friends send you message on WhatsApp Application. Now you just came back from Facebook and Messenger application and only using WhatsApp.
But now suddenly you started seeing your device is taking time to respond which makes your device slow.

So think Why this happened ?
This is simple as you know Facebook and Messenger application which you leave is actually running in background and eating your lots of Ram.[quote_left]So in simple words Multitasking means when you open too many apps at a same time, or trying to do different work at a same time then it is called as Multitasking.[/quote_left] So if so many apps runs in background of your device then its obvious that your Device is going to hangup, freeze, slow a bit and you face many issues like battery drains so fast and many more.

When you see these types of symptoms then its clear that due to not having so much free Ram into your device you are facing this issue.
and to solve this you have to close all the running background applications.

So now we are going to take a look how you can speed up your device or you can say How you kill all background running applications / know which applications are running background ?

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Solution for Android Mobile Hanging Issues

  • If you are using Android OS above 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich then you have facility of Recent apps. Recent Apps option differ from Device to Device.
    If you are using Android Device which have Three buttons at bottom then you can get Recent Running apps option by continuously pressing Menu Key / Home ( Middle) Key (it depends on Device Brand and Model).
    Now If you are using devices like Nexus, Sony devices then it will don’t have Three buttons at bottom, you get Navigation bar on Capacitive Touch Screen of your Mobile Phone.
    So when you click on third last key of that navigation bar you will get Recent apps options.
    So here you get all the running applications : You can close all these applications by Swiping it Right or Left.
  • Now also if you are facing lagging, freezing issue then you can Go to your Phone’s Setting>Apps>Running : In Running you will get all the applications which are running now and you can Kill all these applications by simply tapping on it and then press on Stop.
    It will stop the application and it only work again when you open that app. So this will save your battery life also.
  • After trying this method, Still you face the lagging issue then its maybe you don’t have free storage space in your device, So check it and make some space to your device.
  • Sometimes applications also started making your device slow. So you can check by Uninstalling applications one by one so you can check which application is causing issue.

Android Mobile Hanging Issues are common these day, But keep in mind that if your device is not up to the mark, its not having good Ram which is approx 1 GB minimum then you will surely face hanging and lagging issues, but following this guide you will see drastic change in the performance of your device.

Guys if you are still facing issues in your device then feel free to tell us through comments and we will surely help on this.


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