SOKP 5.1.1 Custom Rom for Xiaomi Mi 3


Post Updated On 07/23/2015: New Version SOKP-L-5.1.1-LVY48C-R8.0 available.


Here we back with another marvelous Custom Rom, SOKP 5.1.1 Custom Rom for Xiaomi Mi 3 Cancro device. SOKP stands for SONIC OPEN KANG PROJECT.

SOKP 5.1.1 Custom Rom for Xiaomi Mi 3What is SOKP – Sonic Open Kang Project?

SOKP is an aftermarket firmware based latest “Android Lolly-Pop 5.X.X. This firmware is designed By Sonic-Developers Taking CyanogenMod Base and Selected features from various other roms like AOKP, AOSPA, SLIM, BeanStalk, AICP, LiquidSmooth etc.This firmware suits specially for those people who like, Multitasking performance, optimum speed. Another major specialty of rom is Real Ture-HD DTS Sound with Brilliant HD Display optimizations for video & Images. In-addition to This the firmware has Inbuilt options and settings to make customization of your Device the way you like.

Changelog SOKP-L-5.1.1-LVY48C-R8.0

  • Updated To Android 5.1.1 r8
  • Changed Heads up options more friendly
  • Swipe Options – for notifications
  • Launch Heads up notifications in floating mode
  • Launch Notifications in floating mode
  • Appcirclebar float mode switch
  • Clean up floating mode option handling code
  • Gesture anywhere launch apps in floating mode & switch
  • live display: Fix issue where settings weren’t applied
  • Fix mounting of non-FAT formatted SD cards
  • Add multi-SIM ringtone support
  • Add support for default ringtones per sim
  • Speed up Statusbar and Activity Manager
  • Mobile data tile: open network settings
  • WifiTile: Fix WiFi toggle state in detail view
  • msim: Fix saving default sim from select SIM dialog
  • live display: Round values up
  • Fix JNI global references leak in AudioEffect
  • Added SlimDim
  • Added Lockscreen wallpaper support [see security settings]
  • fix misaligned ripple for pin entry backspace button in keyguard
  • Fix ClassCastExceptions in systemui
  • SystemUI: dismiss brightness slider on screen off
  • live display: Fix outdoor mode detection
  • improve lock screen wallpaper behavior
  • Fix a system server crash in backup
  • StatusBar Ticker
  • add reboot confirmation dialog for tablets
  • MediaScanner: Detect folders
  • KillProcessGroup on background thread
  • Fix a GL error leak issue
  • fix CTS DisplayTest.testGetMetrics
  • Density scaling: scale compatibility apps, wm command support
  • Rewrite Keyguard Visualizer
  • Fix keyguard wallpaper issues
  • Recent:Development shortcut
  • systemui: never show excluded recent task in recent view
  • Add an option to disable search bar in recent
  • recent panel clear all button tweaks
  • replaced recent clear all button with a fab button
  • add floating button center option & change clear all button
  • Add Fade in and Fade out effect to Recent FAB
  • option to ignore the last app when clearing recent
  • Add member to recent options
  • Show live wallpapers in the recent view on high-end devices
  • Screen pinning improvements
  • SlimRecent: Set topmost task to ON
  • Allow screen unpinning on devices without navbar [Set long press back button to kill task]
  • Added Extend swipe helper
  • Added on-the-spot user preference dialog
  • Stock Recent: Launch apps in Floating mode.
  • Floating windows update: Fixes and Improvements.
  • Floating windows: Fix when we close floating window also remove the task
  • Floating windows: Fix minimize/maximize buttons coloring
  • SystemUI: fix recent task view height calculation
  • Add alternate WebView provider package
  • fix NPE in visualizer tile
  • Soniclaucher : 75% transparent app drawer
  • add expanded desktop navbar action
  • Improve Dalvik cache pruning
  • Allow skipping of Dalvik cache pruning if boot marker is in place.
  • Support QC2.0 type charger

Features of SOKP 5.1.1 Custom Rom for Xiaomi Mi 3

  • Various Bug Fixes Compared To Goggle AOSP
  • Material Dark UI.
  • Advanced Mode In Settings.
  • Configurable Custom colors in Battery Saver Mode.
  • On The Spot
  • On-Screen Navigation Bar switch.
  • Navigation Bar Left-handed Mode in Landscape Mode.
  • Configurable Navigation Bar Height.
  • Navigation Bar Button Colour.
  • Materialized Toast Frames.
  • Disable FC Dialogues.
  • Materialized Text Select handle.
  • Smooth Upload & Download Animations.
  • Fix For Battery Status wake lock
  • Status Bar Left Clock.
  • Customizable Battery icon.
  • Status bar Notification Counts.
  • Double Tap To sleep option in the status bar.
  • Status bar Brightness control.
  • Quick Pull-down
  • Weather above Quick settings.
  • Quick Settings Customisations
  • Configurable Power Menu.
  • Configurable Multi-user Accounts.
  • Customizable device wakeup with home, volume buttons
  • Customizable long press action and Double tap action
  • Option to reorient volume button when screen rotates
  • Customizable lock screen slider shortcuts
  • Glow-pad double tap gesture
  • Wake Lock Blocker
  • Customizable Navigation Bar and Navigation Rings
  • Cyanogen Mod Themes with customizable Styles,Icons,fonts boot animation, sound packs, etc
  • Custom Profile switcher
  • Expanded Desktop
  • Customizable advanced Display with Scenario, night mode.
  • Notification Light
  • Screen Caster
  • CPU and Memory Info In Settings About.
  • Custom Volume Steps
  • Ascending Phone Ring Tones
  • Privacy Guard
  • Captions
  • Mock Location and Mock SMS
  • Adaptive Backlight
  • Beautiful SOKP Fonts System Wide.
  • Apex Launcher As Default Launcher for Time being.
  • Own Custom DTS Audio System with support of Dolby
  • Digital Plus customizable equalizer which can be used for system wide sound control( Will be Merged Soon)
  • Inbuilt Meta on Powered Performance Boost By Spike Lab
  • Many More …..

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Steps to Install

Minimum Requirements To Install SOKP:

Your Device Should be Rooted with Unlocked Bootloader & Latest Custom recovery Installed.
Recommended Custom Recovery TWRP: Click Here to View TWRP Offical supported devices

Installation Procedure:

(A)If you are making a Fresh Installation(or Coming from any other rom other than SOKP):

  1. Boot Into Recovery Mode
  2. Wipe Data, System, Cache, Dalvik
  3. Flash provide latest SOKP ROM Zip
  4. Again Wipe Cache and Dalvik
  5. Flash latest G-Apps
  6. Wipe Cache and Dalvik
  7. Start your phone
  8. Wait for 10 minutes for the first setup & in case if you end up on a black screen after 10 mins just restart the phone it will start normally.

(B)If you are already Running SOKP Rom But You want to Update with latest Version:

Boot Into Recovery Mode
Flash provided Updates of SOKP ROM(latest weekly)
Again Wipe Cache and Dalvik
Reboot To System.

Download SOKP 5.1.1 Custom Rom for Xiaomi Mi 3

All credit goes to the original developer tapan15in and his team, So if you want to say thanks then say to him, and you can also donate him so he can serve in a better way. If you face any issue then you can comment below and we will be happy to help you.


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