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Totally fade up with In-App Ads? They are making you mad also consumes your Data usage then I have great application for you which helps you to Remove Android In App Ads from any application and make your application Ads free 🙂

By the way if we are talking about ads then it obvious that they are very annoying but keep in mind that Developers opt for ads to earn some money but when you block these ads then it will effect on the revenue of App Developers as well as of Google.
As a blogger I don’t want to kill anyone’s revenue so I don’t try any Ad Blocking Services but if you want then this is the best application and you gonna love it till the end of your life ( Just Kidding 🙂 )  Also look how you can block utorrent/ bit torrent windows ads.

Now first we take a look Why you need to remove In App Ads ?
There are various reasons that why you need to Remove Android In App Ads from your application but the main reason to remove the In App ads are they use lots of data and we all know that 80+% population in India uses 2G Internet Connection. So it’s obvious if ads are blocked then it helps to get better Internet Speed and saves usage.
another reason is that these ads are placed just side by the location where you want to click so many times by mistake you click on these ads, also many times popup ads come and without seeing you click on those ads in a hurry. Even many times these In-App Mobile ads are related to some kind of services to your mobile, they read which company SIM you are using and deduct the balance from your account.

Now it’s better that you should block these ads and live your life happily and tension free.


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  • Your Device needs to be Rooted First ( You can also use it if it’s not Rooted )
  • Adblock Plus is available for device runs on Android 2.3 and higher.

Steps to Remove Android In App Ads

  • Download AdBlock Plus application from here.
  • First you have to give permission to your device to Install apps from Unknown Sources by going to Settings > Security > Tick on Unknown Sources.
  • Now Install AdBlock Plus app to your device and Open it.
  • If your device is Rooted then it will ask for Root Permission, so Grant it.
    For NonRooted Device, Instruction provided at last.
  • You must connect your device to Internet and it will automatically download list to block all ads.
  • Hurray your Device now block all In App Ads.

For Non Rooted Devices

If your Device is NonRooted and is above Android Version 3.1 then you can follow Non Rooted Method also but for better blocking you must go with Rooted Method.

So now for NonRooted method Adblock Plus will filter all WiFi traffic, but it needs to be configured as a proxy server manually. So follow this guide to Activate Ad Block Plus in NonRooted Device.

If you face any kind of problem while Installing the application and need any kind of support then feel free to comment below & we will try to solve your problem, you can also give your feedback about this application and post.

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We also thanks to Wladimir Palant and Till Faida for this amazing application which earlier easily found on Google Play Store but due to Google policy this app is not available on Google Play Store. But this is wonderful and great app for Android user’s because it provides you facility to block all types of ads Content based, popup ads, all kind of ads are blocked with this application and you just forget that is some kind of thing in this world named ads 🙂
Thanks for Reading Remove Android In App Ads through Adblock Plus, Stay Classy. 😆

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