OnePlus 2 will feature Fingerprint Sensor : Officially Confirmed


OnePlus One is a great device at a reasonable price and now company announced OnePlus 2 which will going to be the best flagship killer what expected by experts, Now OnePlus confirms that OnePlus 2 will feature Fingerprint Sensor to unlock your device.

OnePlus through their official twitter account posted that :

More secure. More convenient. Fingerprint sensor is coming to the #OnePlus2.

Company said that OnePlus 2 come with one of the latest and advanced fingerprint sensor security.
They also said that in past also fingerprint sensors are there but technology is not that much advanced that is why they didn’t provide Fingerprint sensor in their current flagship device OnePlus One.

So this is a great news for OnePlus fans and all those people who are waiting to buy new phone or OnePlus 2. Providing fingerprint sensor in 2 is really a great idea, as in normal day we unlock our device around 200 times and due to PIN or Pattern lock it takes around 3 seconds to unlock device and that’s over an hour time in a week. So with Fingerprint Sensor you can unlock your device instantly. 🙂

OnePlus 2 able to store 5 Fingerprint profiles which means 5 people can put their fingerprint to unlock this device or you can use all your 5 fingers to unlock it, if sometime you have any injury in your one finger.

So now OnePlus 2 which is a flagship phone going to give flagship feature. There are huge chances that expected price of OnePlus 2 will rise due to this feature.


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