MIUI 7 Global Launch on 19th Aug at New Delhi


MIUI 7 Global Launch on 19th Aug at New DelhiAs Xiaomi going to launch its new upcoming OS MIUI 7. MIUI 7 is an update to its current MIUI 6 version.

As Xiaomi launched MIUI OS 5 years ago, version 0.8.16 on August 16, 2010, and now it’s the latest version is coming on 19th Aug MIUI 7. But As Xiaomi already rolled out MIUI 7 for China on 13th August.

MIUI 7 Global Launch on 19th Aug at New Delhi

If you wondering that what MIUI 7 version you will get then you must check here. Now as only 2 days left in a Global launch of MIUI 7 which will hold at New Delhi, India.

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As MIUI 7 which launched in China doesn’t surprise anyone and looks very bad, As MIUI 7 won’t get Android Lollipop update yet, Don’t know what Xiaomi is thinking as they just added some so called features and just customize it with a new theme so what’s good in MIUI 7.

But then also as I believe in Xiaomi so I think they didn’t provide actual MIUI 7 for China as they want to bring actual fully customized MIUI 7 on- MIUI 7 Global Launch on 19th Aug at New Delhi.

As MIUI 7 5.8.13 China Developer version don’t come up with Google Play Store services as they are not come in Chinese version of Xiaomi MIUI Rom. But don’t worry you can flash 4.4.4 Kitkat Gapps.

MIUI OS also gets in controversies due to it’s interface look alike as Apple’s iOS and Samsung Touchwiz. But believe me MIUI OS takes your Android device to another level, the looks, whole User Interface, and Android Development on MIUI is great. As every Friday MIUI Developer version get’s new update which is pretty great for advanced user’s.

So As I’m using MIUI 7 and didn’t find it upto mark, so now waiting for MIUI 7 Global Launch on 19th Aug at New Delhi.

As earlier report came that Xiaomi approched to AOKP ( the Android Rom developer Team) to build MIUI 7. So Just try MIUI 7 now and give your review about MIUI 7 in comment section below.


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