Mi Band goes Out of Stock in 7 Seconds : Issue with Mi Website


Xiaomi a successful Chinese manufacturer company took their step in India and got great response from Mi fans on their Xiaomi Mi 3, Redmi 1S, and other devices, But today Xiaomi tried to do a flash sale of their 1000 Mi Band at Rs.1 only. and they did it at 2 pm on May 5th today. Xiaomi claimed through their official Mi India Facebook fan page that Mi Band goes Out of Stock in 7 Seconds Is it really happened ? Is it really a cause that many Mi fans unable to get Mi bands because they clicked after 7 seconds, But what about those who clicked within milliseconds and then also didn’t get it. Then what is the issue? What is the cause which proves that there is some issue with Xiaomi’s server-side.

Mi Band goes Out of Sotck in 7 Seconds-esportech


Mi band goes out of stock in 7 seconds it clearly looks something fishy.
Now take a look on factors which proves that there is some problem with Xiaomi website and their counter :

  • Xiaomi website started showing product Out of Stock in morning according to China time when its 2pm. ( later they fixed this issue)
  • Their Clock counter clearly shows difference when you tried to open Mi website from two or more systems. Even many face this issue in different browsers also. ( Many people faced this issue even me 🙂 )
  • People get Mi Band even at 2:01 pm means 1 minute later than where is the issue guys, Think.. !!
  • Xiaomi website First byte Time is having F grade, which is not seems to be major cause but yeah this is also not great.
    Mi Worst-esportech
  • People who lives at South, New Delhi got Mi bands but people who lives at Jaipur and nearby places didn’t get it, Why ?? Please Xiaomi tell us.

These are the points which came in my mind to point out the issue in today’s Flash Sale of Mi Bands. and Now Xiaomi is claiming that Mi bands goes out of stock in 7 seconds , this is a big question that when people who have more than 1 Mbps download speed unable to get Mi band and they clicked when it shows Buy Now then it’s clearly an issue with Mi.com website.

Hope Mi India shows apology to Mi fans for this website issue.

If you have anything in your mind to add to this then feel free to comment below and tell us your experience on Today’s flash sale.


  1. My net speed is 42 mb ps i am live in haryana i didnot got it bt my another frnd they live in delhi his net sped is 1 mb nd he got it

    • @princesamir:disqus and now what Mi did they stop responding on Mi fan page and now making strategy to fool Mi fans who didn’t get it, Xiaomi this time caught Red handed in their flash sale.


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