Method to Repair IMEI for All MTK Devices


This is a Simple Method to Repair IMEI for All MTK Devices , If you tried any Custom Rom and after that getting Wrong IMEI number or you are getting Invalid IMEI or Null while Dialing *#06# .

So you don’t have to worry, just follow these simple method to repair IMEI for all MTK devices and get your IMEI back.
Keep in mind that this method is only for educational purpose and to repair original IMEI number if you lost your IMEI no.

Tools you need to Repair IMEI for All MTK Devices 


  • Your Device must be Rooted.
  • You need a Windows 7/ 8 32 bit Operating System in your laptop/ Desktop.
  • And also USB Cable to connect your Device with Computer.
  • Your handset driver’s must be installed in your system, If you don’t have drivers then install PdaNet.


Follow these Method to Repair IMEI for All MTK Devices

  • Install MTK Droid Tools in your system and then runs the software in your Computer. 

Method to Repair IMEI for All MTK Devices


  • Now MTK Droid tools automatically reads your Device info, if it is not reading your Hardware , Model, Build Number and all then take a look that your device is rooted or not ?
  • After MTK Droid Tools read your Device info then Click on Replace IMEI.


  • Now Fill your Device IMEI Number, In IMEI 1 : Write the Primary IMEI Number.
    In IMEI 2 : Write Secondary IMEI Number as given in Screenshot above.


  • Now Press Yes to Replace IMEI.


  • It will show you Changes will come into force after reset. So grant Ok to it.


  • Now Press Reboot and it will ask you that you want to Reboot normally or in Recovery mode, So select only Reboot.



Now after Reboot when you see your Device IMEI number is changed and those who is not having earlier will get IMEI Number.



After following  Method to Repair IMEI for All MTK Devices will solve your problem if not then feel free to comment below.


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