How to Unlock OnePlus One Bootloader?


OnePlus One comes with locked bootloader and to flash custom kernels and Roms with custom Kernel’s you need to unlock Oneplus One Bootloader.

I know that you all wanted to try custom Rom’s and kernel’s but due to this lack of knowledge that How to Unlock OnePlus One Bootloader you unable to unlock it.

So here I’m going to teach you that How to Unlock One Plus One Bootloader in simplest way.


Things you Need to Unlock Bootloader

  • Command Prompt Opened in your Laptop/Desktop.
    How to Open Command Prompt?
    Press Window Key + R, type in “cmd” (without the quotes), and hit enter.
  • Your Device Needs to be in Fastboot Mode.
    How to go in Fastboot Mode?
    Turn the phone off. Hold volume up + power until the “fastboot” screen appears.
  • ADB & Fastboot Installed in your System
    How to Install ADB & Fastboot?
    [vision_highlight color=”lime-green” style=”style-1″]For Mac User’s[/vision_highlight]
  • 1) Click here to download the Android SDK.
    2) Extract the ZIP-file to your Documents folder.
    3) If you have downloaded the full SDK:

    • open the android-sdk-xxx-windows folder and run SDK Manager.exe
    • now install the following packages
      • underTools
        • Android SDK Tools
        • Android SDK Platform-tools
      • underExtras
        • Android Support Library
        • Google USB Driver
    • You should now have a folder in the android-sdk-xxx-windows directory called platform-tools. If you don’t see this: please repeat step 3.
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    1) Download the ADB and fastboot installer from here.
    2) Run it (Requires administrator privileges).
    3) Press Y/Yes to install ADB and Fastboot.
    4) Press Y/Yes to install ADB system-wide or N/No for current user only.
    5) Recommended: Press Y/Yes to install Drivers otherwise press N/No.

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Steps to Unlock OnePlus One Bootloader

1) As I told you earlier that your device needs to be in Fastboot mode so First, shut your phone down.

2) Now Press and hold the volume up and the power button.

3) Now you see Fastboot on your screen.

4) Connect your phone to PC through USB Cable.

5) Open a new command prompt window. Again I told you steps earlier how to open it?

6) Now Type this command into the command prompt:

cd Documents/android-sdk-windows/platform-tools

7) Now we will check that fastboot can see your device or not, type this command into the command prompt:

fastboot devices

8) If your phone shows up in the command prompt, then you may proceed to step 9, otherwise your drivers aren’t installed correctly. So try installing ADB and Fastboot driver’s again or comment below and we will help you.

9) Now you are going to unlock your device.
[vision_notification style=”warning” font_size=”12px” closeable=”false”] Note: Keep in mind that when you unlock your bootloader then it will factory reset your phone which in simple words means that you will lose all your data from phone. So keep backup first. [/vision_notification]

10) Type this into the command prompt:

fastboot OEM unlock

11) Hurray, it’s Unlocked 🙂 Now you need to reboot your device by typing this command into the command prompt:

fastboot reboot

12) Set up your device and then you are done!


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