Hidden Features available in Android Phone which you must know


If you are the one who didn’t aware of all Hidden Features available in Android Phone then you are at right place, we all know that Android is great OS and it provides us facility to customize it according to our taste. Android is Open Source that’s the major plus point. But now Today here I am telling you Hidden Features which are in Android about which you all are not aware and they are really beneficial.

Maybe you have heard of this feature that there is Developer Options available in Android. which is not available for all by default.
Here’s the method to enable Developer Options in your Android Phone by going to:

[vision_icon style=”icon-smart-phone” url=”” target=”_self” lightbox_content=”” lightbox_description=”Settings “]Settings > About Phone > Here you see Build Number : Continuously Tap 8 times on Build Number and you will see pop-up saying You are a Developer.[/vision_icon]

So, after enabling Developer Option just Press Back key and you will find Developer Option above About Phone in Settings.
Now take a look on Hidden Features in Android Developer Options which will really make your device fast and smooth.

1. Enable & Disable USB Debugging Option

This is the best option available in Android Device which by default comes Disable and it is come to need if you are a Developer or you gonna make changes in your Root Directory of you Device through Computer.

In a simple words where you can take a use of USB Debugging is:

  • You want to Root your Device through a software which is in Computer then it is must that You enable USB Debugging.
  • You applied pattern Lock in your Device and now you forget your Password and also your device is not connected to the internet, then again through 3rd party PC software you can Unlock your Device but again you have to Enable USB Debugging.

How to enable USB Debugging?

  • Go to Settings > Developer Options.
  • You will see USB Debugging option, So Tick on USB Debugging to enable USB Debugging option.
  • It will ask you to Allow USB Debugging?
    Then Click on OK.

2. Set Animation Setting

When you use your device and transition from screen to screen then you will find there is animation added in between. While you can set it down or to turn it off to make it faster.

Steps to Tweak Animation

  • Go to Settings > Developer Options.
  • Scroll down look for Windows animation scale, transition animation Scale and Animator Scale.
  • Set all to 0 ( Lower the value – faster the speed ).

3. Enable MSAA For OpenGL Games

This feature helps you to increase gaming performance, what you all have to do is force enable MSAA to obtain a higher quality rendering of your in-game graphics.

Steps to enable FXAA

  • Go to Settings > Developer Options.
  • Now Select Force 4x MSAA.

Hidden Features available in Android Phone

4. Stay Awake

This feature gives you a facility to wake your device while you charge your device. By enabling this feature your display won’t turn off while charging it.

Steps to Enable Stay Awake While Charging

  • Go to Settings > Developer Options.
  • Now Select Stay Awake Option to make it enable.


5. Allow Mock Location

With this facility you can fake your location, You need an application to fake your location, but that app also needs to enable this feature first to fake your location.

Steps to Enable Mock Location

  • Go to Settings > Developer Options.
  • Find Allow Mock Location and enable it.

Hidden-features-Android-Smartphone-2-estThese are the great hidden features available in android phones, keep in mind that these are advanced features so only use it with caution, don’t blame us if anything goes wrong with your Smartphone.


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