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If you grew up in my era in the early ’90s then you know that owning a colour TV was a luxury of sorts. Not a flat one, an LCD or LED, but a big square box of 14 inches which is attached to a rooftop antenna. Remember how most of the time we are on the roof having antenna in our hand in search of signals 🙂

Having a colour TV at that time was a big thing for your neighbors, friends or relatives who used to come over to your home to watch shows.

People had so much craze that they used to bunk school and college for that! If you are thinking that who could be that crazy for TV? Hehe, I’m a living example.

With improved and advanced technology, the era too took a turn for the good, at least for me. Today you can enjoy your favourite movie, breaking news, cricket matches and music videos as per your convenience.

The present generation wants everything on the go, arising the need for nexGTv app which gives you a TV button on your smartphone. I recently discovered this premium entertainment destination that provides you access to live TV channels and video-on-demand (VOD) service on your mobile phones.

The best part of this application is that you can download it on various mobile platforms like Android, iOS and Blackberry

nexGTv-App-logonexGTv is a Mobile TV app which is started by Digivive.

[quote_left]Digivive, an award-winning application, offers people wholesome entertainment across multi-screen devices, be it mobile, tablets or laptop/PCs. The choice of entertainment is a fantastic suite of Movies, Live TV, TV Shows and Videos. [/quote_left]

nexGTv gives you access to 140+ Live TV channels, apart from Movies, TV Shows and Videos.

nexGTv app only uses your Internet connection and gives you Live TV experience on you device. You simply choose what you want to see.

According to Rohit Sawhney, Senior Vice-president (Operations) at DigiVive, the app has already had close to a million downloads. “The product offers high-quality Live TV and video viewing experience in both 2G and 3G networks. Some of its features include- consistent user experience across multiple device platforms, full-screen viewing, On-Screen Controls, Picture in Picture mode and adaptive bit-rate streaming,”

Take a look at some snapshots of the nexGTv app, which I ran on my Android Device. It was so smooth!

Live Times Now Channel running on the nexGTv app
Alone Movie running on the nexGTv app

I must say after using this application on my smartphone that this is the best Mobile TV app available with such simple user interface.

So have you explored this app yet?

If not, then do it now. It truly lives up to being non-stop entertainment for a non-stop generation.


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