Enable WhatsApp Calling Feature : Calling Servers are Back


Recently messaging giant company WhatsApp launched VOIP Calling facility , As for now it’s for testing so not available for all. So to enable WhatsApp Calling Feature  your WhatsApp version should be v2.11.561 or above. Currently the latest version on WhatsApp Website is 2.12.14, So you can download it from their as on play store you gets latest version only compatible to your handset model. Now here i will provide you simple and elegant method to enable WhatsApp calling facility.

Steps to Enable WhatsApp Calling Feature

  • First be on latest version of WhatsApp.
  • Now, if you have downloaded directly from WhatsApp website then go to Settings > Security > And Tick on Unknown Sources , and then Install the downloaded WhatsApp app.
  • Now you have to get a Call from someone who already have Calling facility enabled on their number. ( If you don’t have anyone then feel free to comment below your number and our team will Call you and then this will enable WhatsApp Calling Feature .

How to know that You Enable WhatsApp Calling Feature

After following previous steps to enable WhatsApp Calling Feature you will see three tabs at the top of your WhatsApp interface: calls, chats and contacts.
In Calls tab you get all the details of Call logs of WhatsApp contacts.

Currently, WhatsApp Calling facility is not available for everyone as this is in beta testing version. So if you have tried earlier to this method to enable whatsapp calling feature and than also you didn’t get the facility then it’s because WhatsApp closed the server of Calling so no new user’s unable to get Calling features.
But today WhatsApp reopens their Calling server’s so people now easily getting Calling facility in their Smartphones. So do hurry and get it your device also before Whatsapp again shut it down.

And again if you want call from us to enable WhatsApp calling feature then comment your Whatsapp number below.


  1. I am trying to activate since last 3 days. Updated to latest 2.12.16 version but again its not working after so many calls from my friends. How to activate it just let me know.


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