Do you expect OnePlus 2 with Dual Lens rear Camera?


How many of you think that OnePlus will launch OnePlus 2 with Dual Lens rear Camera? Yes it is going to be cool if OnePlus will give it too, so here’s a good news for you that there’s been some leak sketches of OnePlus 2 which clearly specifies that OnePlus 2 will going to have 2 Camera setup on back side. 

OnePlus 2 with Dual Lens rear CameraWhile you look in sketch then you will find that OnePlus 2 will have Fingerprint Sensor which OnePlus confirmed on Twitter. Leaked image tells that handset is made of Glass and Metal and front Camera is of 8 megapixel, As you seen example of front camera by seeing the selifie taken from OnePlus 2.OnePlus-2-Leaked-Specs-1-est Yet these things not confirmed officially apart from it get Fingerprint Sensor Security, Snapdragon 810 processor and USB Type-C port.
OnePlus 2 is going to fully announced on 27th July. So stay tuned for more latest news.



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