What is Custom Rom for Android?


Android Mobile Phones are in trend lately, people are getting in touch with Android. But they are not much into Custom Android Roms, So here’s the question come in mind that What is Custom Rom for Android?

I will try to explain it in a simple by not going into any deeper.
So keep all these things aside and take a look towards that What is Custom Rom for Android? and What are drawbacks of flashing Rom? and What are advantages of flashing Rom?

1) [vision_highlight color=”periwinkle” style=”style-1″]What is Custom Rom for Android?[/vision_highlight]

As you all are aware that Google’s Android is based on Open Source Project and anyone can able to use these source codes and customize according to their way.[vision_pullquote style=”1″ align=””] Custom Roms developed by Android Developers to make your device fast, smooth added more features. It will take your device to another level which you can’t get in Stock OS or Stock Rom. [/vision_pullquote]
So as the device which you purchased runs on Android which is customized by the brand of Smartphone.

Here take a look on Tweaked OS by Brands:

Samsung: Touchwiz
HTC: Sense
Xiaomi: MIUI
Nexus: AOSP/Stock
Sony: Sony to Customize there, but I don’t remember now what they called it.

So as you know every brand customize Stock OS and try to make it more user-friendly and attractive so it attracts more user’s or we can say, customers.

Now talking of Custom Rom for Android, these are the operating system which were created to make your device more smooth, fast, User-friendly. These Custom Rom for Android are developed by Android Developers who created these Custom Rom’s for a particular device.

2) [vision_highlight color=”periwinkle” style=”style-1″]What are the Drawbacks of Flashing Rom?[/vision_highlight]

Custom Rom for Android-est

This is the most important factor for all those who are not aware with Android Rom and Android Rom Development. They must know these important points before flashing any Custom Rom.

  • Your Device Warranty will void. ( Except Xiaomi and Yu as they support for Android Development, not sure for OnePlus but I think they also support).
  • Your device must be Installed Custom Recovery. ( CWM/TWRP)
  • Your Device must be Rooted if Custom Recovery is not installed.
  • You may brick your Device. (when device bricked then you should flash Stock Rom through ADB and Flash tool, Depends on which Brand Mobile you are using.)
  • You may face Boot loop. ( You can fix it by going into custom recovery and flash another Rom through your SD card, So always keep two Roms or take a backup of Stock Rom first.)

3) [vision_highlight color=”periwinkle” style=”style-1″]What are advantages of Flashing Rom?[/vision_highlight]

  • You have so many options to Customize your Device.
  • You Can tweaked your device.
  • If your device running slow then you can try Custom Rom which will speed up your device.

You can check here If any custom Rom for your Device is available here or not, If you unable to find then feel free to comment below and we will happy to help you. Now I also hope that learn about Custom Rom for Android.
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