Cortana for Android apk available to Download


Cortana is a great tool by Microsoft for their Windows Os. But Recently Cortana for Android apk leaked online and available to download.

Those who are not aware of Cortana application then I must tell you that Cortana is an application or a tool by Microsoft which works as a voice assistant like Apple iPhone Siri do.


By the way those who are using Windows Phone they are already aware of Cortana but in recent and final Windows version Windows 10 Cortana is being much smarter, cooler and richer in character.

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Now Know about Cortana for Android App

Microsoft earlier promised that they will bring Cortana for Android OS also, and recently Cortana for Android app leaked online and available to download, which you can directly download from last of this page.

As Google Now and Siri (for apple iOS) are also available as a personal assistant and now Microsoft also come back in this segment with their Cortana App.

So now you can ask anything from Cortana, tells a joke and have fun with it.
So enjoy leaked Cortana application which works great for me. Currently, Cortana for Android is in beta version.

Download Cortana for android apk


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