Buy One Plus One without any Invite on 10th Feb


This is a great news for all the user’s who are eagerly waiting to buy One Plus One device but the thing which took them away is Invite system. Yeah this Invite system is not that great for user’s who are in urgent need of Smartphone, But now they don’t have to worry because One plus announced through Twitter that you can Buy One Plus One without any Invite on 10th Feb as they are Celebrating 10th weeks of One Plus one Sale in India.

Buy One Plus One without any Invite on 10th Feb

This first Open sale by One Plus will kick off from 10th February morning at 10:00 am IST Tuesday via Amazon India.

This is a open Sale means you don’t require any invite to purchase One Plus Device on Amazon.

OnePlus claimed that it had sold close to 1 million handsets of the ‘flagship killer ‘OnePlus One by the end of 2014.


It is interesting to note that Xiaomi’s Mi 4 will also go on sale tomorrow. The Mi 4 is priced at Rs 19,999 whereas the OnePlus One comes at Rs 21,999.

According to me One Plus One is providing their handset without any invitation is because of Xiaomi’s Mi 4 , as Mi 4 is going on Sale at 2 PM on 10 Feb through Flipkart Tomorrow.So MI4 is a biggest competitor to One Plus One and due to invite base system many user’s who are in wait will switch towards MI 4 16 GB Version so its a great step by One Plus that they are providing their handset on Open Sale for first time.

But as Today Xiaomi Announced Mi4 64 GB variant will also coming to India on 24th Feb so you have to think before going with One Plus one as MI4 64 GB Version is monster as compared to One Plus One.

Tip to Purchase One Plus One

Keep in mind that as expected to sell out quickly, so get ready to start hitting the refresh button at 9:59AM Tomorrow.

As Amazon india said In a statement, “The sale would be for limited quantity which is expected to stock out quickly given the high demand for the phone.” To refresh, OnePlus had launched its flagship One smartphone in India at Rs. 21,999 for the 64GB version (Sandstone Black).

Buy One Plus One without any Invite on 10th Feb from here : Link


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